June 5th, 2012 Kitwanga to Dease Lake

Pretty dease!

Woke up to pouring rain.
Figured out how to strike camp and pack the bike up while still under the tent frame and fly. More hassle than it worth though I think, in hind sight. But it works good when it's dumping.
Road to Dease Lake and soaked all 3 pairs of gloves and mitts. Boots were even getting wet. Had the vest heat on med/high for the whole trip.
The old cowboy guy at the Dease Lake RV Park said to pitch under the gazebo structure if I wanted, "don't make no difference to me what ya do...". That was really nice of him.
I spread the gear out on the 3 or 4 picnic tables, hung a bunch of stuff up, and put some wood together for a fire in the fire pit.
A few splashes of kerosine from the MSR stove fuel bottle and that fire was crackling away.
This older German fella came wandering over, offering his axe, he could barely speak a word of english but began checking out the bike. He was quite interested and kept saying "Dakar" over and over. I had a couple logs that needed splitting so I took him up on his offer. That's when I noticed he was wearing a freeking Dakar Rally hat! I flipped out and pointed to the decal on the pannier... Well that was it, he went and got his computer and we sat there for the next hour and chatted (very difficultly) about how him and his wife are traveling across north and south America, and that they actually went to the Dakar in Argentina last January.
Killer photos. I'd like to go some year ;)

It's nice to hear the rain on the gazebo roof and know that this tent will be dry and clean when I pack it up tomorrow. :)
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