June 6th, 2012 Dease Lake to Watson Lake.

Bears bears bears moose bears.

As I was rolling out of my DRY tent this morning, Rolf and his wife stopped to say goodbye. He was like a kid, pulling her over to meet me and pointing out the Dakar name on the bike. It reminded me of Sara putting up with me, showing her all of my ~most important things! In ridiculous detail. "yes dear" I could almost hear her thoughts. ;)

She, in much more fluent English explained that they were heading up the highway to Watson Lake today then making their way to Whitehorse for a music festival over the weekend... but they didn't want to leave without Rolf having the chance to give me his hat. I was speechless! He handed me his Dakar Rally hat saying "is little-bit dirty, but...for you Dave..."
I couldn't accept it, and I tried not to, but he was having none of it. He insisted the hat go with me and the bike.
I'll have a set of tickets to the bluegrass festival set aside for them as a thank you. They had planned on spending the weekend in Whitehorse for the festival. What a coincidence!

Rolled into Watson Lake in the rain.
The drive up was incredible however.
Saw 4 bears and a moose. All in the same hour and a half!
I didn't get a chance to take the run down to Telegraph Creek like I had sort of planned, but I was able to line up the new tires Chip is going to bring up with him. Thanks for the new sneaks mom. I'll be needing those dearly by the time I get to Whitehorse or Dawson!


The wet soggy world traveler is getting sick of rain now. It's been a lot of days in a row with nothing but road, tent, and rain. Watson lake is a pretty cool place. The world famous Signpost Forrest. And the nicest rec-centre front desk guy around! Thanks again for the use of the dryer, man!
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