June 4th, 2012 Prince George to Kitwanga

Soggy, wet and cold. But life is good.

Road through some of the greyest conditions ever the last couple of days.
Left Prince George in the morning sunshine and had an awesome ride for a couple of hours. Sara sent me a care package from home so first stop was to swing past the Greyhound station on my way of town. You're a lifesaver honey, thanks! The super warm, super dry, 4-season riding pants that I somehow left at home were now about to save my bacon. Within a couple hours of PG, the weather dropped. I ran into a few other riders. Two French dudes on Harleys on their way back from a weekend ride down to the Okanakan. Then met an interesting retired machinest on a Suzuki 400 with home made panniers. Beautifuly made boxes and clever mounting. Nice work man!

Made it into Kitwanga, BC later than expected, due to a grocery stop in Smithers. I'm glad to have food onboard for the next few days. Oh and did you know that a ham and cheese sandwich in tinfoil fits perfectly between the exhaust pipe and the engine guard on a Dakar? Do this, and twenty seven kilometers later you'll have a toasted hot panini!

The Cassier RV Park in Kutwanga put me up for free in the pouring rain. I had a pretty little campsite on a ridge overlooking the fresh cut green grass field. The mosquitos were unbelievable! Even in the rain. Note to self: Fresh cut green grass is dangerous territory.
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