June 7th, 2012 Watson Lake to Whitehorse

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!

Wow, I guess it's my lucky day, I missed the road washing out by less than an hour, apparently.
When I rolled into Whitehorse, I went straight to the airport to meet Chip.  We were just in time to head to the Arts Centre for the set up and prep for the festival. As I pulled in to the parking lot a few of the volunteers mentioned that the road had washed out... Yeah! The main Highway! Like,  Highway 1. Otherwise known as the Alaska Highway, you might have heard of it. Well apparently with all the rain they've been having (yeah I know I've been riding in it) there was a mud slide and flood that washed out a decent section of the highway.  They were almost surprised to see me, wondering all along if I had made it through in time. I remember seeing the spot earlier that day where it must have blasted through. The guys said it happened at about 10:30am... "um, weird, that would have been about the time I came through there..."
Eyebrows went up. Needless to say, I'm glad I made it.

Sure is nice to get a warm, dry, fancy, hotel room for the weekend, because man, the gear and this soggy-bottom-boy sure need it!!

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