June 11th Whitehorse to Beaver Creek

NORTH! To Alaska, go north the rush is on!!

There's something to be said for setting off on a journey or pushing on to continue an adventure after recharging and regrouping. The feeling of independence, self reliance and complete wonder is totally engulfing.

I'm heading north. Names like Chicken, Dawson, Tok, Fairbanks, Valdez and Prudhoe Bay are just fantasies. Like New York City to many people. They are far off places that are soaked with history, myth and fantasy. Legendary, timeless places from books and maps and 4am google-athons.
It feels like there's a tailwind. The lust for everything that ADV sticker stands for is in full spring-fever heat. And I'm just along for the ride.

Running into more and more guys on bikes, with that same fire in their eyes.
Beemers, Stroms, Teneres, KLRs, Harleys, Wings. Even a few sweet side-cars. Still not sure where a trike sits though. Rides like a bike, but steers like a car. Same goes for side cars too I guess, but some how they're still cool. Jury's out on the damn trikes though. Especially the (eyes rolling) blown out tricked out gusshy FLH Electra-glide, soft, fluffy, wide tail, too old and fat to get on a real bike kinda guy, trikes. Seriously guys?
God I love my little Beemer-thumper. Snotty, tall, quick and light. With all-you-wanna-cary panniers and 60MPG... Just not sure what to think of those Alabama-RV Harley trikes with pop trailers.
I'll need some more helmet time to ponder it. Haha

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