June 19, 2012 Beaver Creek to Whitehorse

Back in Whitehorse. Man it's dark here!
Staying at the Robert Service Campground. I knew I should have just pitched-it behind the Yukon Arts Centre, with Andrew the house sound technician there. He's been living in a tent to save some money while he waits for a new apartment to free up, the first of the month.
Well, they want $25 here. Then charged me $10 for 8 hours of wifi. And apparently $2 per 5min for the shower. I'm not even going to mention the laundry costs. Maybe I'm being cheep but... C'mon. Oh and, I got in late so there's actually no WiFi because the power automatically gets turned off to that building at 11pm. Even though I payed for it in the office. Oh and I don't have tokens for the shower, and the office is now closed. So ya, awesome. If I hadn't been already set up before I realized the wifi and shower fail, I think I'd leave. Oh well maybe they'll bring coffee right to the tent door tomorrow morning, but I'm not holding my breath.

On a good note though:
Ran into some great guys on their way north today. From Calgary no less!!
Both on BMW 650s. One, a new G650GS Sertao. And the other dude on an X-Challenge -with a rally conversion!
God I love that bike. And he did a nice job on the rally fairing too! Looking forward to hearing how their trip turns out. Dempster highway, and D2D (Dust To Dawson motorcycle gathering)
I gave them my spare clutch and break levers. Its not likely I'll need them, and attempting that highway without those little spare parts can ruin a trip. Happy to offer the help fellas, ride safe. Call me when you're back in Calgary.
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