June 20, 2012 Whitehorse to Watson Lake.

Nice ride today. No rain, ok a little in patches... But sunny and warm. Gave up on counting bears again today. They're everywhere! Cute little black bears gorging on dandelions.
Stopped for fuel coffee and a sandwich in Teslin. The longest steel grate bridge I've ever seen is there and it's a bloody nightmare I've been less than looking forward to for the last few hundred miles. I have new tires on the bike, with deep knobies! Crossing a bridge like that makes the tires of any vehicle sway back and forth to where ever the steel wants. Bad enough in a car. But on a bike it's a puckering experience! And worse if you have knobies.
Thankfully I'd have to tackle the bridge after stopping for gas and lunch. :)
Met a couple dudes heading north.
Scott Haskins, who's heading up to Prudhoe to start his Pan-American trip south to Ushuaia and his buddy Ralf Bendjebar who's riding with him for the Canadian/US portion. Good guys. I'll post a link when I find it.

Got into Watson Lake and dropped in on my Scottish friend at the RV Park.
He doesn't accommodate tent camping anymore since having an issue with some mushroom pickers in the area. But made an exception for me and gave me some awesome bumper stickers to boot!
"EAT MOOSE! 12,000 wolves can't be wrong!"
Nothing says "The North" like that. Lol
Classic Yukon humor.
Did some laundry and asked the bike nicely to not leak any more fork oil.
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Louise Coleen Powers said...

Hahahahahaha! I just put the Eat Moose sticker on my bike too!

Email me if you're coming to Denver. We'd love to ride, and you guys are welcome to stay with us!

LouiseColeen @ gmail.com

Doing the Rocky Mountain Adventure Rally this weekend. Really excited, but going alone cuz Josh has to work. Hope you've gotten in some good rides lately!

Cristilke Peter said...

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